On 1 and 2 July returns the Bosa Animation Award, the only competition in Sardinia dedicated to the short animation film and among the very few in Italy. For this special section of the Sardinia Film Festival – now in its fifth edition – many short films from all over the world are competing for the first prize, screened in first regional vision.

The initiative, which hosts events and screenings in the spaces of the former convent of the Carmine, is organized by the Cineclub Sassari in synergy with the municipal administration of Bosa.

On Monday, the event kicks off at 6:00 pm in the Conference Room, with the first part of the workshop “Reading and writing comic book workshop – for children and teens“, organized by the International Comic strip directed by Bepi Vigna. The appointment is dedicated to the youngest, to introduce them in the world of storytelling through images, with the aim of learning, in a simple and immediate way, which are the essential steps to create a comic story and to put them into practice.

The screenings of the competing works will be held at 9pm inside the cloister. The program is the following: “Drachenhoehle” by the Swiss Lynn Gerlach, “Ian, a moving story” by the Argentine Abel Goldfarb, “Sugarlove” by the Italian Laura Lucchetti, “The good queue” by the Spanish Roger Giménez, “Nightmare (Nachtmahr)” of the Colombian Ana Maria Angel, “Kim” of the French Lucas Lermytte, Simon Krieger and Mathilde Dugardin, “Roundabout” of the American Noah Gavrich, “Goodbye Marilyn” of the Italian Maria Di Razza, “La Noria” of the Spanish Carlos Baena, ” Limbo “by Soe Che and Tsar Nwaye from Burma, ” The Svankhausen cas” by the Spanish Lula Gomez, and Mani Rosse by the Italian Francesco Filippi.

Il 2 luglio alle 18, in Sala convegni si svolgerà la seconda parte del workshop a cura del Centro Internazionale del Fumetto diretto da Bepi Vigna. Contestualmente Luca Raffaelli presenterà il libro “Anime disegnate”, un volume che svela i misteri e le leggende dei disegni animati più popolari, andando nel dietro le quinte di quello che è ormai un immaginario comune. Raffaelli è un giornalista, saggista e sceneggiatore, considerato tra i massimi esperti italiani nel campo dei fumetti e dell’animazione, nel testo spiega come si realizza un cartone animato seriale portandoci dentro le produzioni, da quelle della Warner & Co. a quelle televisive, da Braccobaldo ai Simpson e oltre fino agli anime.

On 2nd July at 6 pm, the second part of the workshop will be held in the Conference Room by the International Comics Center directed by Bepi Vigna. At the same time Luca Raffaelli will present the book “Anime disegnate“, a volume that reveals the mysteries and legends of the most popular animated drawings, going behind the scenes of what is now a common imaginary. Raffaelli is a journalist, essayist and screenwriter and he is considered one of the leading Italian experts in the field of comics and animation. In the text, he explains how to create a serial cartoon bringing us into the varoius productions, starting from Warner & Co. to the television ones, such as Braccobaldo and the Simpsons and beyond, until anime.

At 9 pm in the spaces of the Cloister, we will start again with the screenings of the shorts films from Spain, France, Armenia, Estonia, Poland and Italy. At the end of the evening, there will be the announcement of the winner.