As a guest at the Villanova Monteleone Prize, Gennaro Aquino has held a workshop entitled The figure of the Location manager, a role that is becoming increasingly popular in film productions and it is fundamental in finding the locations.

Starting by reading a screenplay, the Location manager tries to find the suitable places that satisfy all the needs of the director and which can enhance the story. There are also other factors to keep in mind, such as logistics and production.

Aquino showed some of the works he worked on, telling the situations in which he found himself and how he handled the various problems and complications, showing photographs of both the pre-production and stage phases. In particular he focused on the descriptions of Reality and Il racconto dei racconti, both by Matteo Garrone, director with whom he collaborated in many films.

The workshop, followed both by an audience of experts and by curious and passionate people, was made even more interesting with its practical location scouting trial, which took place in the territory of Villanova Monteleone. Among the places, we visited the archaeological area including the nuraghe Appiu and the tomb of the giants, the Church of Our Lady of Interrios, the domus de janas and the ancient rose garden of Monte Minerva and the same historical center of the country.