June 28th – 30th: three days of screenings, meetings and workshops. National premiere of “Radici”, a film by Luigi Monardo Faccini.

After the great success at Teatro Civico in Sassari, the Sardinia Film Festival has stopped for one day and it is ready to start again. For its second leg, the event will move to Villanova Monteleone, a town that since 2013 hosts the section about Italian Documentary with the Villanova Monteleone Prize.

The three days in Villanova will be inaugurated on Friday at 8.30pm in Piazza Piero Arru. The event will start with the Neoneli Choir introduced by Rachele Falchi. The performance will be accompanied by Orlando and Eliseo Mascia with their “launeddas“. Immediately after, at 9pm there will be a long-awaited national premiere: the special screening of Radici, a documentary film by Luigi Monardo Faccini produced by Istituto Luce. The documentary was born from an idea by Marina Piperno. It tells about a journey around Italy made in the 50s by Alan Lomax, an Italo-American ethnomusicologist. This journey make us rediscover a country not yet altered by those great economic and social transformations, which will make it go from an agricultural to an industrial specificity. We will rediscover the lost vitalities of ordinary people and all the denied identities. The director will be there to meet and speak with the public.

Saturday (June 29th) we will start again at 10:30 am at Su Palatu with the first part of the workshop about The figure of the Location manager by Gennaro Aquino. The workshop will be divided into two days: it will be introduced during the first day, illustrating this important professional figure who works in the field of film, TV and advertising productions; during the second day, all the participants will experiment a practical example of a real location scouting in the territory of Villanova Monteleone. Aquino has served as location manager in many of Matteo Garrone’s films.

At 9.00 pm, we will come back to Piazza Piero Arru to watch the screenings of the works in competition: “Retour au village” by Flora Pesenti; “Briganti” by Fabrizio and Bruno Urso; “La camicia di Basilio” by Filippo Biagianti; “My Tyson” by Claudio Casale; “Hoa” by Marco Zuin; “Malo tempo” by Tommaso Perfetti.

The screenings will continue during Sunday evening, at 9 pm in Piazza Piero Arru, with “Seddas de Misa – La collina delle Sorgenti” by Camilla Cardia; “Dreaming folk” by Alessandro Stevanon; “Sirios” by Daniel Falappa; “Da Teletorre19 è tutto!” By Vito Palmieri; “Hora” by Graziana Saccente and Maria Alba.

The winner will be announced at 10:30 pm