The last evening of the Sardinia Film Festival at Palazzo di Città, will start at 6pm and it will host four screenings in competition for the section Vetrina Sardegna. Immediately after, there will be the absolute premiere of the restored film Altura, by Mario Sequi. The film was made in Sardinia in 1949.

It will start with Still here by Chiara Porcheddu, a short film about the seasonality of a seaside resort, where the spaces of the city seem to compress themselves in the summer, in order to regain shape and breath in winter. Peeping Nicholas by Emanuel Cossu, a short film focuses on the stories of a forger painter who witnesses the murder of a woman but, due to the shock, he becomes blind in one eye and he cannot remember what he saw.

The Special Cineclub Sassari “Ricordando Nando” will be included in the series, a rather emotional time, because it is dedicated to the memory of Nando Scanu, a fundamental figure of the Sardinia film festival who passed away last year.

Are your thoughts your own? by Matteo Zara (shot in the United Kingdom), is a short documentary which seeks the boundary between belief and knowledge, where a man questions the reality that has been taught to him since he was a child. In the last work in competition, Klepsydra by Adriana Perra and Roberto Fara, a serial killer leaves a trail of blood behind him, signing the murders with an hourglass left in the crime scene.

Altura is scheduled for 8.30pm. Mario Sequi’s film was the first film shot in Sardinia after the war. The work featured Massimo Girotti, Eleonora Rossi Drago and Roldano Lupi with the music by Ennio Porrino. The film was perfectly restored after being recovered by the Gremio dei Sardi in Rome, thanks to a research made by Franca Farina of the Centro sperimentale di cinematografia Cineteca Nazionale, who found it in a private collection. The president of the Gremio, Antonio Maria Masia, will be there at the screening.

After Sassari, the Sardinia Film Festival will move to Villanova Monteleone from June 28th. It will be then in Bosa and in Alghero, where the event will end on July 7th with the awards ceremony.