Fifteen days of events in four different cities of the North West, 120 screenings in original language and provided with subtitles, eighteen European premières as well as Italian ones, over 2000 works submitted in total. And still, special guests, concerts, meetings and materclasses.

These are the figures of the XVI edition of the Sardinia Film Festival, the international award organized by Sassari’s Cineclub dedicated to shortmovies and that has now become an unmissable event for independent cinema.

The cities of Sassari, Villanova Monteleone, Bosa and Alghero will take part to this circuit which will include fiction, documentary , animation, experimental works and videoart. «This year we have witnessed an increase of socio- cultural films especially from developing countries – said the artistic director Carlo Dessì – They come from North Africa, Middleast, South America and Asia and they often put the spotlight on women condition, human rights and labour. This is the first edition without Nando Scanu, oldest member and co- founder of Cineclub – added Dessì – and we will try to pay homage to the great legacy he left».

«We want to offer our audience a priviledged position to witness different points of view and be aware of the world around» said the president Angelo Tantaro. The festival programme has been presented today in a conference at Alghero’s Sogeal Airport, at the presence of the artistic director 

Carlo Dessì, the project manager Marta Manconi, Sardinia’s Film Commission Foundation director Nevina Satta, director Antonello Grimaldi, mayors and adminisrators of the cities involved, the guarantor of prisorners rights Mario Dossoni, treatment area manager Ilenia Troffa and gender activist Maria Francesca Fantato.

The festival will be anticipated by a two – days première which will take place on the 14th and 15th of June at “Mario Sironi” Fine Arts Acdemy in Sassari, where will be screenings dedicated to the shortmovies running for the Experimental and VideoArt section. A second première will be held on the 24th, 25th and 26th of June at Palazzo di Città and it will host the “Vetrina Italia” and “Vetrina Sardegna” segments but also numerous collateral events. Among these, the round table “Focus Donna” on the 24th in collaboration with “Noi Donne 2005” and the screenwriting masterclass that will take place on the 25th , curated by Filippo Kalomenidis.

There are going to be also feature films première not to be missed. On the 25th there will be the screenin

g of “Restiamo amici” by Antonello Grimaldi, based on Bruno Burbi novel “Si può essere amici per sempre” and played by Michele Riondino, Alessandro Roja and Violante Placido.
Always on the 25th the presentation of “L’ultimo pizzaiolo” by the journalist Sergio Naitza, a work focusing on theshutdown of cinema theatres in Sardinia.

“Altura” by Mario Sequi, the first Sardinian movie to be produced postwar (1949), will be available for the public to watch after a long restauration work done on the film. The movie, played by Massimo Girotti, Eleonora Rossi Drago and Roldano Lupi, with the music composed by Ennio Porrino, The film was salvaged by “Gremio dei sardi a Roma”, thanks to Franca Farina “ Centro sperimentale di cinematografia Cineteca Nazionale” who found it in a private collection.

The official start date of the festival will actually be the 28th of June and it will take place in Villanova Monteleone, with a three days event for the “Best Italian Documentary” award.
The Neoneli choir will open the event as special guest of the evening with a tenor performance accompanied by Orlando and Eliseo Mascia “launeddas”, followed by a national première of “Radici” by Luigi Monardo Faccini, based on a concept of Marina Piperno. A stage will be specifically set up for screenings in “Piazza Piero Arru”, while the other events will take place in “Su Palatu” , where Gennaro Aquino will host a

 workshop on the role of the location manager in cinema on the 29th and 30th of June.
The award cerimony for the VII Villanova Monteleone Award will be on the 30th of June.

From the 1st of July, for two days, the beautiful village on the Temo river will be the setting for the 5th “Bosa Animation Award” dedicated to animated shortmovies coming from every corner of the world.The ex Carmine convent will be used as screening location. The Conference Hall will host on the the first day the first part of “Comics reading and writing lab- for children and kids” by “Centro Internazionale del Fumetto “ directed by Bepi Vigna and which will continue the next day with the second part. Guest star of the 2nd of July is Luca Raffaelli who will present his new book “Le anime disegnate”.The winners of the animation section will be announced in the evening of the same day.

The last stop of the festival, from the 3rd to the 7th of July, will take place in the charming old town of Alghero, namely at “Lo Quarter”.Documentary and fiction screenings will take place in the courtyard of the complex, while the collateral events will be held in the “Mosaico” conference hall.

The “Sardinia Animation Net” is already highly anticipated: a space dedicated 

to the formation and analysis of animated cinema and which also promote a meeting between filmakers, animators and producers. It will be a unique event in the island, with two dedicated days, plus two formation days. First up is the “Brief story of animation cinema” masterclass, held by the writer and journalist Luca Raffaelli (July the 3rd) . To follow, the panel “ Animated cinema, from concept to distribution” (July the 4th) curated by Cristian Jezdic, Cartoon Italia VP, Pedro Citaristi, sales manager for Superights and Lucia Geraldine Scott, Red Monk Studio, who will talk about the industry themes.

A second masterclass on “The production scene in Italy” will be held on the 5th of July by Giannandrea Pecorelli, television executive and film producer, manager of productions and co-productions for RCS FILM & TV, RAI Fiction, SONY International and Endemol of which he was also executive producer. “Don Matteo”, “Un medico in famiglia” and “Notte prima degli esami” are one his most famous works. Both Raffaelli and Pecorelli are part of the animation, fiction and documentary jury, composed dy experts in the field, critics and directors.

The award cerimony, set for the evening of the 7th, will be open to the public upon reservation and subject to availability.
This festival has been made possible thanks to the partnership 

with Sassari, Villanova Monteleone, Alghero and Bosa towns but also other institutional partners like “Regione Sardegna”, “Unesco”, “Presidenza della Repubblica”, “Senato della Repubblica”, “Camera dei deputati”, “Presidenza del Consiglio dei ministri”, “Ministero degli Affari esteri e della Cooperazione internazionale”,”Ministero di Giustizia”,”Fondazione Sardegna Film Commission”, “Fondazione Alghero”,”Unione dei Comuni del Villanova”, “Università di Sassari” and “Accademia delle Belle Arti Mario Sironi”.

But also private partners such as “Obus”, our main partner that will assign the award for best work in the “Vetrina Italia” section, Alghero’s airport “SOGEAAI”, “Diari di Cineclub”, “Media Partner”, “Key Lab”, “Confalonieri”, “Noi Donne 2005”, “Cherchi Olio” and “Centro Internazionale del Fumetto”.