The cartoon magician from Sassari speaks about himself at the Bosa Animation Awards

Antonio Lucchi was one of the protagonists of the first at the Bosa Animation Awards 2017, where he talked about the secrets of the extraordinary art of comics during a conversation the scenarist Emiliano Longobardi. Lucchi made an excursus on his brilliant career that brought him to the highest levels of the Italian comic strip, in the ranks of Sergio Bonelli Editore, the most famous publishing house in Italy, the one who publish worldwide famous comics like Tex and Dylan Dog.

Animation and comics are two different worlds but they “almost relatives” because in animation, drawings are used to create stories even if this two forms of art diverge completely for the methods of language with which they express themselves.

Lucchi considers the world of animation very fascinating but also extremely complex and laborious.

The cartoonist talked about his fortuitous beginnings: He went to study 3D graphics for video games at the AIV – Academy of Videogames when, one day, some of his drawing posted on facebook were noticed by Paolo Di Orazio, founder of the magazine “Splatter”, who engaged him for the creation of two stories published on numbers 1 and 3 of “Shinigami”. After this experience, he collaborates for Paola Barbato’s webcomic “Davvero”, a project that gives to several beginners the chance to test themselves, learn, confront and have a visibility that will allow them to be noticed by industry professionals.

And also for Antonio Lucchi comes a good chance: while he works for “Davvero”, he replied to an ad of Gianfranco Manfredi, screenwriter for Bonelli, who was looking for a cartoonist. His drawings hit the target and so he started working for the comic “Adam Wild”, a monthly series of adventures set in colonial Africa.

The strongest ambition, even before being able to emerge, is to be recognizable: “You want your identity to come out in what you create and, over time, I realized that this is something that comes spontaneously”. Lucchi is now at the highest level in the world of comics in Italy but, thanks to the technology, he is able to carry on his work while remaining in his city, Sassari.