The “Stop and Motion” animation lab by Michela Anedda, dedicated to the young fans animation, takes inspiration from the special effects of Georges Méliès, one of the leading columns of movie history.

Six hours of workshops divided into two classes, introduced the little aspiring filmmakers to stop motion, applying more precisely the technique of “pixilation”: it consists in moving objects or real people into space, taking pictures sequentially to create the illusion of movement. This approach, complex but at the same time playful, immediately captures the attention of children.

During the first meeting, Michele Anedda explained how the special effects were made before the advent of the digital film, Introducing Méliès’s work and then starting with the design of the story, giving vent to fantasy. Subject chosen, the group designed the storyboard, a fundamental step of the movie-making chain.

The second phase was the most fun for the young students who played in front of the camera to become not only authors, but also protagonists. The choice of music and editing completed the work that will be screened this evening at piazza del Carmine, during the Bosa Animation Awards ceremony.

The evening will start with the last appointment of the “Animation Discovery” masterclass hosted by Giacomo Giuriato, in which we will see the completion of the animation design that he sketched live-action on Thursday and Friday for the public of the Sardinia Film Festival.  After that, there will be the proclamation of the winners and the Award assignation. Closing in music, at 22.30, with the Cantagalli group concert, we will relive the emotions of the great soundtracks of Disney movies.