It’s one of the longest-living and most famous Tenore singing groups ever, and has had many partnerships with important tv programmes, with famous artists and international academics, and it contributed to make the world know and appreciate the most representative of Sardinia singing. It’s such a precious genre that has been included in 2005 into the the Unesco List of Intangible Cultural Heritage for its uniqueness and beauty.

On Saturday 1st July, on Alghero’s Lo Quarter stage, “Remunnu ‘e Locu” Tenores di Bitti will receive the Senate Presidency medal, the prestigious award that the second Office in the State makes available to Sardinia Film Festival for to be assigned to exceptional personalities in the field of culture.

The award will be conferred by Sardinia Film Festival president, Angelo Tantaro, throuhout the closing night of the International Short Film Award. Here, the historic choir guided by Daniele Cossellu will exhibit in a rare example of  singing demonstration.

Born in 1974 with the name of extemporaneous poet Raimondo Delogu, the choir became famous for making the world know and appreciate “sas boghes a tenore”, bringing that evocative vocal technique to the attention of university researchers and professors, musicologists and authoritative musicians as Lester Bowie, Ornette Coleman and Frank Zappa.

The collaboration with Peter Gabriel who, with his own record label Real World Records produced e distributed the record named “S’amore ‘e mama”in 1996, remains well-known .

The one destined to Tenores di Bitti is the sixth Senate Presidency medal granted to Sardinia Film Festival continuously since 2012. The medal-awarded have been, in chronological order, Sassari University’s Rector Attilio Mastino, Ficc president Marco Asunis, pianist Master Romeo Scaccia,  violinist Anna Tifu and Cagliari city- Italian Capital of Culture in 2015.