The Hungarian director met Sardinia Film Festival audience like he had never done before, telling anecdotes of a career dedicated on respecting human dignity, he said.

«Don’t ever come to compromises, always be courageous and authentic and don’t just knock cinema’s door, tear it down». A call to young aspiring filmmakers lacking in mystifications and rethoric. With intense and desecrating eyes, in Alghero’s Lo Quarter Béla Tarr has been a treasure trove of  anecdotes, in a unique meeting in Italy, face to face with journalists and the Sardinia Film Festival audience.

«When I started to make cinema, at 22– the Maestro said – I noticed that everything in this world was false, the feelings too. I watched films film I saw that reality was completely different from that one showed in movies. I felt that human dignity was being raped every day and, from then, my work’s aim has been quello to enforce human dignity. An aim I never reneged on».

Among the long series of stories he recalled the debut’s difficulties , like the rage and the will to do something, that let a movie like “Family nest” to be shot in only five days with a budget equivalent to 5 thousand euros.

The mystery about the mythical relationship with black and white has been revealed, and it has been more a forced than stylistic instead: «I couldn’t stand colour anymore since half of the eighties, from when colour films have been made with a different material, that made them unwatchable in my opinion».

His commitment to the young increased last years in particular. After he openly retired in 2011, the Maestro he went after a factory that has got the important task to bring newcomers and masters together.

During the press meeting, Béla Tarr was joined by journalist and writer Judit Pintér, while the masterclass, created in partnership with Sardegna Film Commission e la Meta Foundation, was moderated by Roberto Chiesi, Fondazione Pier Paolo Pasolini Foundation person in charge and one of Cineteca di Bologna co-ordinators.

In the night, little after the screening of his short film “Prológus”, Béla Tarr has been awarded with Sardinia Film Festival Lifetime Achievement, an Agostino Marogna’s handmade work which represents a  launeddas player.

The night ended with one of his masterpieces’ projection,  “Werckmeister Harmonies” in 35mm, an absolutely extraordinary viewing that enchanted the seventh art lovers.

Today at Lo Quarter, the night will start at 8:30 pm with EMO Jazz Quartet live music, a pleasant return after the opening of the Sardinia Film Festival first night. It’s going to be also the last appointment with the screenings of the short films in competition, enriched with works coming from all over the world. Screenings will start at 9:00 pm in Lo Quarter open space. In case of strong wind, the event will move to the conference hall, on the second floor of the info-point building.