The 2020 Edition

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This year we received about 2,000 films from all over the world. About 100 films will be presented to the audience. This is the result made by the hard work of the art direction, which takes care of the entire organization. The festival is made of different aspects such as emotion, introspection and humor, very much appreciated from the audience year by year.

Beside the film screening, there are many follow-up meetings, such as SFF-LOUNGE and SFF Masterclass. The festival would like to increase the interest of cinema and indie cinema, which is most of the time unknown. We can count on the participation of leading figures in the international cinema and organization of follow up meetings.

Here are all the details of the Sardina Film Festival 2019:

Sassari (14-15, 24-25-26 June 2019)
Villanova Monteleone
 (28-30 June 2019)
(1-2 July 2019)
(3-7 July 2019)