Don’t miss the little masterpieces from the previous editions of Sardinia Film Festival.

We can’t wait to see the new shorts in competition in this new edition of Sardinia Film Festival, fully dedicated to animation and headed by Luca Raffaelli.
While we are waiting for the films’ projections, which will be from 3
rd to 5/8th December, why don’t we go back to see the shorts that moved us the most during the past editions?

In the last edition of 2020, which was only on live stream due to the pandemic restrictions, it was awarded with a special mention to Animation the short Siderea, realized by Elisa Cecchin, Elisa Bonadin, Isabel Matta, and Carlotta Vacchetti.
In six minutes you’ll be charmed by the sweet protagonist, who lives shut off from the world to collects small pieces of nature and be in this way surrounded by the beauty.
An elegant work, able to delve deep down into the soul by creating a poetical and sensorial atmosphere, besides the only Italian shorts awarded that year, in fact, it was produced by the Csc in Turin, which trains young promises of the Animation.

In 2019 our Luca Raffaelli himself gave to Mercurio by Michele Bernard the Bosa Animation Award for the best animated short. It’s the story of a little boy, who loves to ride his bike and who is suddenly forced to fight against fascism for freedom. With scenes full of elegance and emotions this short tells us that the great passion of a child needs free world to be expressed.

We also remember La Noria, by Carlos Baena. A fascinating short that investigate the necessary emotion of fear. It carried out this investigation with amazing sensitivity, which made it obtain a special mention.

Going back to 2017, we can see as winner the international animated short Ariadne’s Thread (Il filo di Arianna), realized by the author Claude Luyet.
“A simple story, told with delicate lyricism through the enchanting drawings of the Franco-Belgian school, with a perfect use of editing and sounds, capable of expanding the time. This perfect combination accompanies the viewer into the protagonist’s life”, a life marked by difficult themes such as war, loneliness, and the female condition.

We must also mention Oh mather by Paulina Ziolkowska, a Polish short in black and white where a mother and a son constantly swap places in taking care of each other, and the Italian Confino, set in Sicily during fascism. In this short story the Palermitan animator Nico Bonomolo tells the story of an illusionist and his irony against Mussolini.

In conclusion, we can not talk about the winner of Bosa Animation Award in 2016, the Israelian The cabinet decision by Mayan Engelman. Through the creepy figure of two conjoined twins who always fighting each other, this film gives us an original and effective representation of one of the worst conflicts in the modern world: the war between Israel and Palestine. Even though the setting is abstract, it tells this horrific situation through a powerful synthesis and a wonderful graphic.

Animation keeps up to date and we are always fascinated by its concrete and immediate communication.
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