The selections for the XVI EDITION of the Sardinia Film Festival Award are open, with a fresh look and … a new artistic director!

Selections are open until September 10, for the 2021 Sardinia Film Festival.

The international film award was born in 2006, thanks to the historic cultural association Cineclub Sassari, which has always been involved in promoting the international movie scene in Sardinia.

The initiative, counting many awards and part of the ACIF (Association of Italian Film Festivals), is back in its 16th edition with a fresh look, completely focused on the animation genre, and a new artistic director to unveil.

What are we looking for?

The theme is free, it must be a Sardinian premiere, dating back to 2020 and lasting no more than 40 minutes (including titles, please), in English, Italian or Sardinian, Tabarchine, and Catalan, otherwise don’t forget to include the subtitles (English or Italian)!

Participation is free as always and there are so many prizes in the competition:

Sardinia Film Festival Grand Prix,

Fabrizio Bellocchio Award for social content,

Bruno Bozzetto Award for the film on the side of Nature and Animals,

Osvaldo Cavandoli Award for the one-man-film,

Giulio Gianini Award for originality,

Manfredo Manfredi Award for the film that gives space to doubt,

Fusako Yusaki Award for the film that loves synthesis,

Pino Zac Award for the rebel film.

Therefore, authors and animators take a look at our latest announcement, available with all the details on