Bosa, 7thJuly

11,00 a.m

Animator Mauro Carraro


“Sensitive 3d” masterclass

Born in Aviano, in Friuli-Venezia Giulia, 34-years-old Mauro Carraro is one of the most original animators of contemporary European and International panorama.

He studied visual design and Computer-Generated Imagery technique and attended 3D lessons at Polytechnic University of Milan di Milano. He studied for 4 years at Arles’ Supincofom school, where he perfected the non-photorealistic rendering technique. Now he lives and works in Switzerland.

Carraro’s style is known to be refined and simple at the same time, he calls his own technique “Sensitive 3D“. His shortfilms are real jewels with their own recognizable poetry, they have been selected in the most important international film festivals and Vimeo included them in the Staff Picks.

Mauro Carraro’s masterclass will be a full immersion into his creative world and will show how life experiences can be transferred into animation films by using non-photorealistic rendering technique and 3D.

Mauro will show the realisation and behind the scenes of his shortfilms “Aubade“, “Hasta Santiago” and “Matatoro” with original photos, sketchbooks and storyboards.

The masterclass is planned on 7th July at 11,00 am at ex Convent of Carmine in Bosa. Entry is free but limited.

Reserve your place at this unique event sending an email to with name, suname, telephone number and attach a copy of your identity document.