The coast of Villanova Monteleone

Villanova Monteleone land looks like a small Sardinia itself, where the sea and the mountains meet and create a wide and expanded touristic offer. From the beautiful Poglina beach to Minerva mountain, the visitor can lose himself in a untamed and wild nature. It’s no accident that Fellini chose a location in the Temo river for the movie “The Bible”.

With its relaxing atmosphere, a welcoming spirit and a quality culinary tradition, this charming small town, located in south fromAlghero, offers accomodation in its many b&b built in the suggestive old town. There you can find “Su Palatu” building, “Su Cantaru” stairs and many murales.

The sourronding hills host several archeological sites, like “Potu Codinu” Domus de Janas, “Appiu” Nuraghe and “Laccaneddu” giants’tombs.

Sa Rocca Pinta gifts the town with a sight that goes from Capocaccia to Maldiventre isle on sunny days. This will be the home of the Documentary Festival, a Sardinia Film Festival special section which has brought a preview of the best productions in the field since its launch on 2013.