A hand traces the contours of a figure that slowly gain shape and movement, until it becomes animated. A while a large audience look closely at the screen. The author of this magic is Giacomo Giuriato, animator from the Studio Croma (Bologna) who, with the “Animation Discovery” masterclass, opened the first night of the Bosa Animation Awards, anticipating the screenings of the works in competition.

Giuriato showed to the audience the first stage of the creation of an animated character. He will host two other masterclasses, on Friday and Saturday, and we will see the results of the creative process just on Saturday evening.

On the stage of the suggestive inner courtyard of the former convent in Piazza del Carmine, the artistic director Carlo Dessi, president of the Cineclub Sassari, together with the mayor of Bosa, Luigi Mastino introduces the works in competition, in this special section of the Sardinia Film Festival.

Thirteen international works, coming from different corners of the globe including Spain, Portugal, Iran, Uzbekistan, China, USA. There will be a replicas of the yesterday’s screening, today at 6.30 pm, on the first floor in piazza del Carmine, while the other twelve in competition will be screened at 9.00 pm.

But the event calendar has been opened yesterday afternoon by Michela Anedda, animator of Villacidro, who is currently conducting “Stop and Motion”, a laboratory to teach children some animation techniques inspired by the special effects of the early days of cinema. The result of this work will be screened on the closing night (Saturday, August 2).

The guest of the evening was Antonio Lucchi, cartoonist from Sassari, who collaborated for several years with the publisher Bonelli (editor of “Tex” and “Dylan Dog”). He’s been interviewed by the bookseller and comic scenarist Emiliano Longobardi. Lucchi represents a significant example for the Sardinians who want to get closer to the cartoon world because he managed to make his passion a profession at the highest level. Lucchi’s story started with some drawings posted on facebook and noticed by Paolo D’Orazio, founder of the magazine “Splatter”, who engaged him for two numbers and, after several experiences in the largest Italian cities, he has been able to return to Sassari,  . “You want your identity to come out in what you create and, over time, I realized that this is something that comes spontaneously” said Lucchi.

The winners of the Bosa Animation Awards will be awarded tomorrow night on the stage of Piazza del Carmine.