From August 31st to September 2nd, the “Bosa Animation Award”, the special section of the Sardinia Film Festival dedicated to the international animation, returns to piazza del Carmine as the only competition for the category all over the island.

In this third edition, organized by the Cineclub Sassari Ficc in collaboration with the municipal administration of Bosa, will compete 25 short films made with various techniques and dedicated to children and adults, able to touch, from unusual perspectives, topical issues.

Short films from Italy, Spain, Moldova, Switzerland, United Kingdom, Argentina, United States, Uzbekistan, Portugal, Poland, China, Hungary, Iran, Croatia and Russia will be screened in piazza del Carmine from 21.00, thursday and friday. But there will also be a lot of collateral activities.

The first appointment is on Thursdays at 4pm with “Stop and Motion”, the workshop for children about animation hosted by Michela Anedda, who had a great success last year. Five hours of labs divided into two meetings, for a fun introduction to the stop motion that will involve the children of elementary schools in Bosa, who will produce a short animated film inspired by the first special effects used in cinema.

An interesting appointment will be the one, at 06.00 pm, with “The Art of the Comic”, a conversation with Antonio Lucchi, a cartoonis from Sassari who managed to make his passion a profession at the highest level,  working for Sergio Bonelli Editore, the publisher of Tex and Dylan Dog. Lucchi will be interviewed by the bookseller and comic scenarist Emiliano Longobardi.

Always on Thursday, at 8.30 pm there will be the first part of the “Animation Discovery” masterclass by Giacomo Giuriato of the Studio Croma Bologna. It will be a demonstration addressed to the public, just before the projections, to see live as you graphically perform a character within an animation. An unmissable appointment divided into three parts that will continue on Friday and Saturday.

Every day, starting at 6.30 pm, in the courtyards there will be the replicas of the previous day screening. For more details on the program, visit

On Saturday at 21 we will discover the winners, at 22.30, there will be the Cantagalli group concert to relive the emotions of the great soundtracks of Disney movies.