The Festival Jury , composed by  Maria Pizzuti (Fastenet Film Festival), Maurice Seezer (Fastnet Film Festival), Paul Bruce ( Edinburgh Short film Festival), has assigned the following awards:

  • International Documentaries Award to  Nobody dies here  (France) by Simon Panay  with this motivation:   “The harsh reality of life in a low-yielding gold mine and the disillusionment of former miners contrast with the hope of current miners who dream a better life for themselves and their families. A powerful documentary with sweeping cinematography, a fascinating subject explored with compassion, intuition and with high production values”.         “Nobody dies here” receives the  Italian Chamber of Deputies Presidency Medal  too.
  •  Vetrina Sardegna Award to La finestra (Italy) by Silvia Perra with this motivation: “From an ethnographic point of view, “the Window” could simply be a film about the end of a way of life, instead it focuses on the enormous difficulties encountered when trying to ease the elderly, respecting the attachment of the old generation to the anchors of their lives, their home and the environment, especially when the deterioration of cognitive faculties plays its part. The drama evolves in a smart way, for example, tunnel builders are represented as friends and antagonists and we share the confusion. A mature and thoughtful study of what progress can leave in its wake”.

The International Jury, composed by Gianluca Arcopinto ( producer) ,  Patrizia Masala (deputy director Ficc), Judit Pinter (Jornalist) e Angel Quintana  (History and Theory of Film professor), has assigned the following award:

  • Italian Fiction Award to Lost in the white (Italy) by  Alessio Cuboni, with this motivation ” For the mastery of audiovisual techniques served to a story not always linear but never ordinary”.
  • International Fiction Award to “Aux battements du parloir” (France) by Marc Pascal with this motivation ” For its dry, almost minimalistic style which is very effective in telling us about a tough life span and in getting the spectators involved, even in a reflection that goes beyond images”
  • Special Mention to Sophie De Furst for her suffered and participated performance with a perfect alternation of emotions at the service of the work’s protagonist inner monologue, also author of the text.
  • School Over 18 Award to  Angeltown (USA- Corea) by Nancy Liu, with this motivation: “The director, with the intensity of a dreamlike tale, accompanies us in the complex universe of the protagonist, succeeding in transmitting to the spectator the emotional strength of physical and mental suffering concealed behind a “mask”” . “Angeltown” receive  the Italian Republic Presidency Medal too.

Jury Of Academy “M. Sironi” Students has assigned the following awards:

  • Video-art Award to: Gamers (Spagna) by Rodrigo Canet,  with this motivation: “For the food for thought and the great evocative power generated through a delicate and nostalgic visual tale”.
  • Special Mention:  Manual  by Letìcia Simoes (Cuba) with this motivation  For the idea and the cinematography. Delicate, poetic. Instructions from a manual on how to handle a horse, a metaphor for life.”
  •  Experimental  Award to  The first time I saw Francis Taylor he was in slow motion” (Rio de Janeiro) by  Sousa Haz ; “It tells, in an original and fun way, a simple and assiduous concept: the slowness of man over the woman. Magnificent use of editing and music“.

The Restricted Jury , composed of 13 people with different nationalities held in the Bancali Prison, has assigned the following awards

  • Restricted Jury Award  to “Nobody dies here” by Panay Simon with this motivation: “faces, with an extreme but widespread case, the lack of any respect for the people’s dignity and underline the need to fight any form of submission and exploitation. And it does it using black and white pictures and a very special soundtrack. Highlighting how people’s rights can be violated or canceled, it reflects very widespread situations, experienced directly by the detained persons.
  •  Special mention to Jail quarters (France ) by Marc Pascal with this motivation One of the denied rights is the one to affection and the maintenance of positive family relationships. And in the short film of Pascal, the negative and perverse effects of it are well underlined.

The Diari di Cineclub Jury , composed by editorial staff present to Sardinia Film Festival, has assegned:

  • Cineclub Diaries Award to Red Light (Bulgaria) by  Toma Waszarow, with this motivation: In this sweet bitter fairytale set in Bulgaria, the main character, educated in the respect of the rules of the old communist bureaucracy, finds himself in a microcosm in which these outdated rules are discussed, to claim solidarity among individuals by destroying both the false order Imposed that individualized selfishness”.
  • Special mention to Mariquita (Spain) by Francesco Cocco with this motivation ” For telling the young protagonist’s difficulty in living his own diversity within his family, entrusting, though late, his own fears and anguish to an unusual intermediary”

Italian Senate Presidency Medal to, “Remunnu ‘e Locu”  Tenores di Bitti, who were assigned the by Sardinia Film Festival president Angelo Tantaro “for being ambassadors of Sardinian culture to the world , contributing to letting know and appreciate, with its own melodic and vibrant intensity, the beauty of an artistic, unique and original indigenous expression, which is rooted in the ancient and unfathomable tradition of the island and which Unesco proclaimed to be an example of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity”.