A very light summer rain caressed Lo Quarter spaces during the first night of Sardinia Film Festival 2017. It hasn’t been enough to dishearten the local and international audience that showed up to enjoy the screening of the short films under the Alghero sky .

The night opening has been entrusted to the E.M.O. Jazz Trio that got the souls warmed up and set the mood for the beginning of this XII edition.  The International Short Film Festival in the “Riviera del Corallo” has been welcomed by META Foundation president, Raffaele Sari Bozzolo who, remembering how much Lo Quarter has been a symbol of the Resistance during the II World War, wished that cinema and culture’s presence could represent the common thread capable of keeping that same spirit alive.

Artistic director Carlo Dessì talked about a new challenge: «An international venue like Alghero is the right place to host an event as international as the Sardinia Film Festival. With this new partnership, Alghero gets even closer to the other two towns that host Italian Documentary and Animation Short Film sections: Villanova Monteleone and Bosa.

Presenter Rachele Falchi, with the help of the translator Chiara Alivesi, welcomed the guests Maurice Seezer e Maria Pizzuti, representatives of Fastnet Film Festival , one of Sardinia european partners. Pizzuti recalled how three years ago Carlo Dessì found a festival closely related to his, that takes place in an island too and that looks like the perfect partner.

A partnership between two somehow-peripheral festivals that aim to create thematic programmes in order to increase the value of cinema, facing hard-to-tell realities, and looking for new distribution networks.

The works have been selected by the Irish festival and Edinburg Short Film Festival , the Scottish partner. The poetry interlude, with the musical reading by POP (October in Poetry Project), preceded the screening of the first three short films in competition, that belong to the School selection.

The appointment today is at 6:00 pm with the masterclass hosted by the cinematographic producer Gianluca Arcopinto and created in cooperation with Sardegna Film Commission Foundation and Meta Foundation.

At 9:00 pm will start the screenings of the short films in competition.