The Sardinia Film Festival is a international film prize and this year it will be its XV edition. The main aim is to promote and give value to the international independent cinematography. This prize was created in 2006 by Cineclub Sassari, which is an historical cultural association. Since 1951 this association has worked in order to promote the cinema in Sardinia. Since 2012, the Festival has received medals from the President of Italy, the Chamber of Deputies, the Senate. It also has the support from UNESCO – Italian Commission ”Farnesina”, MIBACT  –  Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities, the Autonomous Region of Sardinia, the University of Sassari. Every year since December, the Cineclub Sassari  presents on-line a competition announcement by sending a newsletter to over the 17,000 contacts in the mailing list. Every years the Festival receives  about  1,500 films from all over the world. An art commission, named by the Cineclub Sassari, will choose the films. After that, the Art Direction will define the planning for the festival. These are the sections during the festival: Fiction (national and international) Documentary (national and international) Animation (national and international) Experimental (national and international) Videoart (national and international) School – under 18 years old –  (national and international) School – over 18 years old – (national and international) ”Ritorno alla terra” – Back to the land  (national and international) ”Vetrina Italia” – ”A look to Italy’‘ (national) ”Vetrina Sardegna” – ”A look to Sardinia” (national)


The Sardinia Film Festival has always paid attention  to the accessibility for disabled people, by choosing the right location and all the several supports for the audience. During the festival, services and audiovisual assistance will be available  for people with special needs. Each location will have a specific screen ”LCD 22” for partially sight people. This type of screen has a resolution of 640X480  with an extremely low electromagnetic emission. On this screen it’s possible to see all the movies during the festival. Each location has facilitated accesses and WC for disabled people. From the previous edition, we’re making progress. This year the Sardinia Film Festival has started a partnership with the project CINEMANCHIO,  that makes cinema accessible also for  blind and partially sight people, deaf and hearing-impaired people and people on the autistic spectrum. The protocol realized by CINEMANCHIO will be used in two days during the festival. In addition to these targeted measures, we’re making  accessible all the side events. We are working with associations specialized in this field, such as ”Respeaking on air” from Cagliari. The aim of this association is to contribute to the full integration  of people with lingual and sensorial deficit.


The movies, chosen by the Cineclub Sassari’s art commission, will be judged by the official juries. The official juries will award a prize for each categories.

The International Jury  will judge the films from these categories: Fiction – National, Fiction – International, School – over 18 years old, International Documentary and A Look to Sardinia.

The members of this Jury are world-class exponents.

The Academy of Fine Arts’ Jury: the members of this jury will be students from  the filmmaking  class and the documentary photography  class. This jury will judge the films from these categories: ”Videoarte” and Sperimental.

The Technical Jury of Animation  will nominate the winner from these categories: Animation and Italian Documentary. For the second category, the winner will receive the prize for the best Italian Doc.

There will be also the ”Special Juries”, informal juries that will assign special mentions for the best works. The special Juries for the Sardinia Film Festival will be:

  • ”Circoli Ficc’s Jury composed by the community of the Circles of Cinema of the Regional Center of Sardinia.
  • Giuria Ristretta composed by some prisoner from Bancali’s jail.
  • Giuria Diari di Cineclub (independent periodical of culture and cinematographic information) composed by the members of the Editorial Staff present at the Festival.