Sassari is the second main city in Sardinia, with its 130,000 inhabitants . Originally it was called ”capo di sopra” (”the city at the top”).  In Sassari there is the University and archiepiscopal location. Since 2016, it’s also the metropolitan area’s county seat in the North Sardina.
Its territory offers different places to visit:
. Monte d’Accoddi, a monument builted in IV B.C. This monument has the distinctive characteristic of a Ziggurat. It’s an unique site in the whole Europe.
.The old town with its mediaeval city walls. In the old town there is the Cathedral of San Nicola (patron saint).
. The Santa Caterina’s Dome.
. The two modern skyscrapers in Piazza Castello.

There are also different important squares, dedicated to well-know people such as Piazza Domenico Alberto Azuni and Pasquale Tola. There is also the hemicycle ”Garibaldi” and Piazza Italia. One of the icon of Sassari is the Rossello’s fountain. The traditional dishes are ”cioggia minudda” (small snails) and ”fainè”. Sassari gave its name to the historic brigade of the Italian Army, known as ”Diavoli Rossi” (”Red Devils”). Sassari is also the birthplace of Antonio and Mario Segni, Enrico Berlinguer and Francesco Cossiga. Sassari has a special place in the sport’s history thanks to Dinamo Basket. In 2015 it won the Championship, the Super Bowl and the Italian Golden Cup.


Last year the Sardinia Film Festival had a great success in Alghero. This year the Festival gets back to the Riviera del Corallo. In this place you can find sun and beaches, culture and history. It’s one of the most beautiful places in Sardinia and in the Mediterranean Area. Alghero is one of the most famous places in the island. It’s located is the Sardinian West Coast. It’s an ancient village with medieval origin, also famous for fascinating sunset on the horizon of Capo Caccia. The historic centre is famous for its golden sea walls with the original cannons and catapults. The area is well-known for archaeological and naturalistic sites, such as the nuraghe of Palmavera, Grotte di Nettuno, the Natural Park of Porto Conte. There are also the magnificent cliffs, amazing place for climbing. Alghero is surrounded by many different beaches like Lido and Maria Pia, closed to the city. There are also the bucolic beaches like La Speranza, Le Bombarde and Mugoni. The last one is Porto Ferro, suitable for surf. The airport of Fertilia, during the Second World War, was the air base used by a French pilot and writer: Antoine Saint Exupery.


Bosa is well-known for its rainbow townscape in the city centre. It’s crossed by the only  navigable river in Sardinia.  The fishing boats are docked closed to the arches of the old bridge on the river Temo. It’s a fascinating panorama, and you can just love it. In 2014, this enchanting villagge won the second place as the most beautiful village in Italy. It has also been included in the Skyscanner 2015’s classification among the twenty most beautiful  river cities in the country. In the ancient times, Bosa was already a royal city and bishopric. It’s located on the West coast of the Oristano’s Province. Every summer, many tourists decide to spend here their holiday. On the top of Serrvalle’s hill, there is an amazing panorama to the valley from the majestic medieval castle. Closed to the river, there are different and beautiful tanneries. The renowned beach of Bosa Marina draws a long stretch of coast up to the little port, next to the so-called Red Island. Here there is an extraordinary Spanish Tower from the sixteenth century. One of the food and wine excellence is Malvasia, a wine with Mediterranean fragrances and a sweet and intense taste


Villanova is an ancient little village, between the sea and mountains. The Villanova’s citizens are hospitable and hard workers. We can describe this little village as a small Sardinia with a wild and uncontaminated nature. Villanova Monteleone offers different places to visit, such as excellent beach Poglina, the Mount Minerva. The location is welcoming and hospitable. The food and wine culture is excellent and the passion for riding is remarkable. The small town, located south of Alghero, has a population of 2,300 inhabitants. Villanova is located 570 metres above sea level. It’s also shielded from the northwest wind. The surrounding countryside is famous for important archaeological sites, which can be visited with the tourist guides. Here are some sites to visit:

Domus de Janas – Puttu Codinu, renowned for the characteristic bas-reliefs. The main subject of these bas-reliefs is the taurine protome;
The remarkable nuraghe ”Appiu”. It’s a polylobate complex, made by giant megalithic blocks;
Giants’ Tomb – Laccaneddu.
For a breath-taking panorama, the best place is Citadel of S’ena Tunda. From this site, it’s possible to admire the North Western coast.
The Union of Municipalities includes these picturesque villages: Romana, Mara, Padria e Monteleone Roccadoria.


La Pelosa is one of most famous and emblematic beach in Sardinia, with its gorgeous colours and white sand. It is also the icon of Stintino, a picturesque village of 1,600 inhabitants located in the extreme North of the Gulf of Asinara. For many years, it was a Sassari’s district and in 1998, it became a municipality. This village is located in the Metropolitan area in Northern Sardinia, it has two leisure port.  Stintino is also the principal gateway for Isola dell’Asinara.  In 1885, this island became a  penal colony and a lazaretto. Since then, people came here and started to live here. On the docks there are still many boats with the latin-rig. In the last few years different regattas  have been dedicated to that boat. Here the culinary specialities are sea urchins, crustaceans, tuna roe, potato and lobster soup with local fishes. There are also octopus with garlic and octopus ”alla Stintiese”. A famous dessert is ”la tumbarella”. Since 2016, along the scenic road closed to the Minori harbor, the former factory ”Alpi”  has turned into in the Museum of Tonnara (Mut)  in the memory of the seamen