The works, selected by the Cineclub Sassari’s artistic board, are evaluated by a jury which is composed by members of the film industry. This jury award a prize for : Best Fiction, Best documentary and Best animation, it also decree the overall winner of this edition.


ANDREA PACO MARIANI He approaches the documentary film world in 2008 during a period of study and research about visual anthropology in Sarajevo. The following year he became the co-founder of SMK Factory, the production company of which he’s still a member today, and for which sign the directing of several documentary films like: “Tomorrow’s Land” (2011), with Nicola Zambelli, “Green Lies” (2014) and “The Harvest” (2017). This last will make the group have the first worldwide distribution of their own film in the following 2 years.
In 2013 he also became the co-founder of OpenDDB, which is the first European VOD platform focused on independent cinema with creative commons.
Masterclass “The directing in the reality cinema”.

MARCO ANTONIO PANI plays a role in the audiovisual sector since 1991 making at at first more than 40 documentary films (of an archeological, touristic and artistic nature) as author, filmmaker and editor for local authorities and production societies of Sardinia. In 2002 he graduates in film-making at the CECC-centre d’Estudys Cinematografics de catalunya in Barcelona. He actually lives and works in Cagliari, where he continues his authorial activity (2 of his projects, under development at the moment, have recently had the recognition of works of regional cultural interest from the regional law about cinema) and also the formator one, with the collaboration with : the University of Cagliari , the Celcam-educational centre for cinema language, audiovisual and multimedia, and the Mario Sironi Great Arts Academy of Sassari.

FIORELLA GIOVANNELLI AMICO She first approaches the cinema world in 1981. During her career she plays several roles. She is the editor of several films like :Lettere al vento, L’amore probabilmente (2001) Rosatigre(2000) Appassionate (1999) Giochi d’equilibrio(1998) Sorrisi asmatici – Fiori del destino (1999), il pratone del casilino (1996). She’s supervisor of several scripts as: Il nome del figlio (2014), Il giovane favoloso (2010), Noi credevamo (2001), sabato italiano (1992). She’s the assistant both of Bernardo Bertolucci in 2lL’ultimo imperatore” (1984) and Roberto Benigni in “Tu mi turbi” (1983).


THE STUDENT JURY In addition to the official jury, there is the the “student Jury” which is composed by young people from the local upper secondary schools . The coordination of this 2020 edition is delegated to Prof. Stefano Sole, English teacher at the Pellegrini institute of Sassari.