MALISHEV VLADIMIR , (St Petersburg), he is the chairman of  ANO ‘‘Kniznaja lavka pisatelej‘‘ and the editor-in-chief of the literary magazine ‘Kniznaja lavka pistalej‘‘. He was born in 1945 in Tallin (URSS). During his time at University, he discovered the Sardian writer, Grazia Deledda, and her novel. After his studis at University,he moved to Mosca to work to the Statal Agency for information TASS, He also worked in Italy and in Grece Greece. He also wrote different articles for many newspaper. In St Petersburg he has been nominated executive director of ‘‘Home of writer‘‘. Wrote over 30 books and 2 screen-plays for the films ‘‘The mistery of the villa Greta‘‘ and ‘‘The recruiter‘‘.

ANGELIQUE MULLER Angelique was Born in Clermont Ferrand,  she  grew up with  short films . She graduated in Film and communications  at the University of Malta and Napier University in Scotland, Angelique has been working in the film industry for the last ten years as a writer, director and assistant director. In 2015 she founded the ”Film Grain Foundation”, together with a group of people interested in cinema. Today she is a tireless promoter f the Valletta Film Festival.


PHILIPP STADELMAIER, 34 years old, from Moncao butresiding in Vienna. He is a film critic and a German  writer. He works for   German daily: Süddeutsche Zeitung  and forthe Swiss cinemtograpich magazine: Filmbulletin. His essays have been published in the German magazine ”Vogue”   in the literary journal  ”Metamorphosen” and also in the supplement of Forum of Berlin Expanded.  His book ”Die Mittleren Regionen” is an essay about terrorism and freedom of speech, it won a prize for literature, known as  the Clemens Bretano Preis 2018.At the moment he is working at the lecture ”Histoire (s) du cinema” about Godard and the Frenc film critic Serge Daney.


ALESSANDRA PESCETTA She was born in Isola della Scala in 1966, she graduted in painting at  the Venice Academy of Fine Arts. She supervised many videoclips for famous italian and international artists  like Ligabue, Avion Travel, Elio e le Storie Tese, Subsonica, Elisa, Planet Funk  . She also supervised many commercials for world-renowed Italian brands (such as Campari, Bulgari and Di Saronno). She’s a professor at Milan’s Cinema Experimental Centre. Her first feature film “La Città Senza Notte” (2015) has been showed in many International Festivals, It received many awards. Since 2002 she teaches  film direction, Multimedia dramaturgy, Videoart, Commercials conception in many Universities.

MAURIZIO DEL BUFALO is a 64-yers-old electronic engineer from Salerno. After many jobs and trade union experiences, from 2001 to 2010 he worked in several places o in different countries as a free consultant in the international cooperation for some United Nations’ agencies. In 2005, together with Julio Santucho, he founded “Cinema and rights” Association. In 2008 he promoted Naples’ Festival of Human Rights Cinema, part of the Human Rights Film Network with the sponsorship of Amnesty International. In 2010 he was one of the founders of “Suspended Coffee” Network, realized by seven Italian Festivals which work in solidarity. Those Festivals are located in boundary areas and are all inspired by the tradition from Naples.

ELISABETTA PANDIMIGLIO is a filmmaker, author and writer from Rome, and she is also one of the founders of Telefono Rosa. In the 1980s, she  wrote for the cinema, theater and tv  She created and directed many works between  fiction and reality. She received  several awards and three Nastri d’Argento in  different countries  all over the world. She published a novel, a fiction based  novel, tales,  essays,  surveys about  the status of women and social  malaise. Her last works are “Mille giorni di Vito”, “Più come un artista”, “Sbagliate”, “La cena di Toni” e “Scuola calcio 2017” ( for RAI Cinema; acknowledged of cultural national interest by MIBAC) a Mina’s collective project, whose she curated the writing, the shootings, the direction and artistic supervision.


ALBERTO CASTELLANO, is a Neapolitan essayist and film critic. He wrote in “Il Mattino di Napoli” for about 20 years  Now he collaborates with “Alias” (“Manifesto”’s supplement) He also works for the online periodical “Filmdoc” and “Diari di Cineclub”. He is the author of many essays and volumes about comedy and dubbing, and about Franchi and Ingrassia’s characters, Douglas Sirk and Carlo Verdone. He was a member of the selection panel of Venice Film Festival’s Critics Week from 1997 to 2000,. He teached Cinema Semiotics. He is an enthusiastic researcher about the American movies and the Italian ”second division” comedy movies. In recent years he has studied the narrative models, the styles, the tendencies and the authors of the Asian cinema.

MAURO CARRARO is an Italian filmmaker and animator. He studied engraving, photography and graphic illustration at Milan’s Politecnico. He graduated in Animation at  Arles’ Supinfocom University in France, where he directed his shortfilm Muzorama (2009) and Matatoro (2011). At the moment he lives in Switzerland. He works at Nadasdy film studio Where he created his animation shortfilm “Hasta Santiago” (2013).

EUGENIA GAGLIANONE During her long stays in Moscow for study and work purposes, she specialized in History of Soviet and Russian Cinema. She dedicated her PhD  to study the filmmaker Boris Barnet. She collaborates with many festivals and cinema companies such as BFM, TFF, Il Cinema Ritrovato, CinemAmbiente, Museo Nazionale del Cinema, UC F. Antonicelli, Turin ANCR, Moscow Musei Kino, KROK, Suzdal FF, Incanti.  Since 2005, she curates Animation Russian Cinema fairs for SottodiciottoFilmFestival & Campus, bringing in Italy arstists like Norshtejn, Petrov, Bronzit. Together with Andrea Pagliardi she curates the animations for the last editions, expanding the program  in the whole  Europe. She organises some educational workshops for schools and Soviet cinema courses


The Jury is composed by Giulia Petruso, Cristiano Mattei, Michela Loquinto, Halaburda Taras, Ma nuela Mirai, students of Sironi Academy, coordinated by professor Silvio Farina.



This Jury is composed by some detained from the Bancali Prison in Sassari



The “Diari di Cineclub Jury” is composed by editorial staff present to Sardinia Film Festival