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Who We Are

The Cineclub Sassari was founded in 1951.

From the beginning, its core is characterized by the collaborations with other realities. Its members are interested in the analysis of cinematographic works and in education and training related to film and the audiovisual sector. Initially affiliated to FEDIC (Italian Cineclub Federation), the Cineclub Sassari participates, with the works of its members, in various Festivals organized in Montecatini and San Giovanni Valdarno. In the years to come, the Cineclub’s business is developed in various directions: production of short films and documentaries, studies and surveys on culture and cinema in Sardinia, participation in debates and conferences organized by other cultural associations. In the 1960s, the Cineclub collaborated with the Humanitarian Association which, on behalf of OECE (Organization for Economic Cooperation in Europe), organized a large cultural literacy program in Sardinia, that brought to the foundation, in 1966, of the “Cineteca Sarda”,  of which the Cineclub Sassari is one of the founding members.

Today it continues to alternate short films production, promotion of film exhibitions and engagement in schools and, moreover, since 2006 the Cineclub organize the Sardinia Film Festival (SFF).

The current president of the Cineclub Sassari is Carlo Dessì.

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