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Prizes and Golden Album


  • Piero Livi Award: Best work in the Vetrina Sardegna category
  • Villanova Monteleone Award: Best works from the Italian Documentary category
  • Bosa Award: Best works belonging to the Animation category
  • FICC Public Prize: Best FICC audience performance
  • Cineclub Diaries Prize: Best Work According to Cineclub Diaries Magazine
  • Best Italian fiction: Best film of the Italian Fiction category
  • International fiction: Best film of the Fiction category
  • International documentary: Best movie in the International Documentary category
  • Back to the Land: Best Work about Environmental Sustainability
  • Experimental: Best work in the Experimental category
  • V-art: Best work of the video art category
  • School under 18: Best film presented by any school of order and degree
  • School over 18: Best opera presented by cinema schools


Download the Golden Album of Prizes*



Since 2006, the Sardinia Film Festival has been experiencing progressive growth. Today it is the most important international competition dedicated to the short films that takes place in Sardinia. This is why it has received several institutional awards: the medals in representation of the Chamber of Deputies and of the President of the Italian Republic, which the Festival assigns every year to the most significant works from a social and cultural point of view, and the medal in representation of the President of the Senate of the Italian Republic, which is instead assigned to a personality who has distinguished himself in the fields of art, culture and social.


Download the Golden Album of Medals*